Inner sleeves for records are designed to protect the vinyl record inside the carton cover. Neoplastik is specialised in the production of 12“ inner sleeves made of paper with and without a film lining.



bevelled corners

When using tight vinyl covers it can sometimes be a little tricky to insert the record together with the protective paper sleeve. To make this process easier we can give the corners of the paper sleeve an angled cut.
This allows the air to better escape from the cover and the record to glide into the sleeve more easily.
However, this creates two openings at the bottom of the inner sleeve, which allow the air to escape more easily, but also dust to enter the sleeve.

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To facilitate the removal and insertion of the vinyl record into the protective paper sleeve, customers can opt to have the rear of the opening lengthened a little at no extra cost. The resulting overlapping paper lip makes it even easier to handle the records.

Inner sleeves without a lengthened lip are made from a paper web measuring 610 mm in length, and both the rear and front part are thus 305 mm long.

Inner sleeves with a lengthened rear lip are made of a paper web measuring 605 mm in length and folded so that the rear is 304 mm long and the front is 301 mm long. To be precise, the paper on the front part is shortened. The inner sleeve with a lengthened rear lip is our standard variant.

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By default, our inner sleeves are manufactured with the iconic holes and, in the lined variant, a continuous inner film to prevent dust and dirt from entering through the large opening.
This protects the vinyl record and makes it easy to read the label. It is also possible to cut only one or even no central hole into the sleeve.
When using unlined inner sleeves we recommend offsetting the holes by about one millimetre, so that the record has a guide when sliding into the inner sleeve.


All inner sleeves of Neoplastik can be supplied with a polyethylene film lining. The film has antistatic properties and contains no additives such as softeners or similar products that could react with the vinyl of the records. Lined sleeves are much smoother on the inside than unlined paper sleeves – a difference you are sure to notice immediately when removing and inserting your records.

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At Neoplastik, the sleeves are made from three different types of paper:
The premium paper has a light cream colour. This colouration is the result of using unbleached, particularly long-fibre pulp produced exclusively through sustainable cultivation in Finland and Sweden. It is therefore even suitable for the packaging of foods and ideal for protecting vinyl records. The paper is ash- and acid-free, contains no recycled content and develops virtually no dust even when frequently inserting and removing the record into and from the LP cover. This type of paper is processed in a weight of 90g per square metre.

Some customers prefer inner sleeves made of pure white paper; however, this requires the use of optical brighteners. We offer this basic variant in 90g.

Thanks to the deluxe variant we are able offer our customers 'that special touch' with the black through-dyed paper. This paper is prepared especially for our production and it is exceptionally pleasant to the touch, especially at a paper strength of 110g.

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