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Neoplastik GmbH exclusively supplies press facilities, retailers and online retailers with products for vinyl records.

If you are interested in our products as an end user, you can find all the information you need here.
For the purchase of small quantities, we recommend the following retailers that sell our products. (list of retailers with links)

Larger quantities can be purchased box loads directly in our factory outlet.

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Antistatic, lined and unlined inner sleeves of varying paper qualities and paper weights provide the optimal protection.

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Outer sleeves made of either polyethylene or high-quality PVC protect the cover.

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Japan Sleeves

As an alternative to the inner sleeves made of paper, we import inner sleeves with a semicircular bottom made of antistatic film in the style of the Nagaoka sleeve directly from Japan.

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Create order in any collection: High-quality, flexible tab sheets with rounded edges and a sand-blasted surface made of synthetic material in 1 mm strength.

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cardboard sleeves

Box pockets are among the classics of vinyl packaging. With us, you will find high-quality cardboard (300 g/m2) pockets

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shipping packaging

Our 12” LP shipping boxes offer optimal protection and are very practical to handle.

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adhesive tape

The right adhesive tape with an adequate right look completes our offer. Individual printing is of course also possible.

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