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Most record collectors want to keep their virgin vinyl in a pristine state and use protective inner sleeves to store records inside their card outer sleeve. But what type of inner sleeve is best? RC’s news editor Tim Jones got the inside track...

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combined cleaning power

If you tell a friend that you collect vinyl records, he might give you an incredulous look. And if you then confess to cleaning your records with a special washing machine for records, he might think you are a very strange person indeed and - perhaps as a joke - ask you: "Does it comes with a spinning function?" Stay friendly. There is hardly anything in this world that brings greater joy to a record fan.

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Neoplastik films for industry and home use - in 1987, Neoplastik produced around 140 million inner sleeves with and without a film lining for records in Braunschweig. The machine in the Braunschweig facility, which was opened in 1987, dispenses 400 of these LP inner sleeves every minute. This makes Neoplastik the leading company in Europe; and still, this production segment makes up less than ten percent of the group's revenues of around 70 million DM. And the need will decrease with the triumph of the CD, Managing Director Heinz Hemsing predicted. Consequently, Neoplastik entered the CD business right from the beginning.

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