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Designguidelines Inner Sleeves 12"

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With the conception of the total work of art "Vinylalbum", you were previously faced with the choice between a simple, single-colored inner cover with high-quality anti-static lining made of foil or an attractively printed inner cover, but then you had to do without the inner lining.

Neoplastic has now turned this “either - or” into an “and”. We have retrofitted our machine, which has been producing millions and millions of lined inner sleeves for long-playing records since 1960, with a register control. With immediate effect, we are able to use the machine to process paper that has been printed according to customer requirements.

This now enables you to combine free artistic design through colored printing with optimal technical equipment, which guarantees an antistatic inner lining.

Thanks to the possibilities of modern digital printing, even small editions of a few hundred envelopes can be printed in full color at low cost, less than 50 cents per piece. For larger editions, we recommend using offset printing or flexographic printing, then the costs are reduced to 10 to 20 cents per piece, depending on the paper used.

Due to the production technology of the paper roll, in contrast to the usual sheet-fed process, there are some technical framework conditions for the design of the artwork.

We are happy to advise you on the design of your inner shell. For example, the use of colored paper with a print results in a wide range of design options. Of course, we maintain close contact with all pressing plants in Europe so that we can deliver “your” inner casing directly to the plate press in the plant you have commissioned.

Talk to us about the implementation of your wishes.